The Real Truth About Credit

Credit expert Dan Beck's blog teaches consumers how to create an "A Rated" credit profile. Dan Beck is the founder and president of Credit Management Specialists.

The Rule of 22

If you have ever read any of my books or any other articles I have written you undoubtedly have heard me talk before about the importance of how you manage your credit card debt in the eyes of your FICO score.  Some of the concepts and principles I teach I understand can be a bit …Keep reading

Short Sale Changes

Recently I read an article about not only changes being made in the mortgage industry, but also how those potential changes might affect credit scores. Since the article lists some credit “facts”, I feel obligated to address it further. The article is short so I have listed it here and will follow up with a …Keep reading

“Joint credit”…what does it rea...

The world of joint credit can be a little confusing. Mainly because there are different types of joint credit and each one carries a different list of circumstances and responsibilities. Before you enter into the world of joint credit with another person, it will be helpful if you know exactly what you might be agreeing …Keep reading

Is it time for change?

In the past few months many people are publicly taking the stance that the FICO scoring system needs to be changed. The claim is that adjustments need to be made to the existing formula to better reflect the current economic landscape. Most of these people think the system is outdated and should be changed to …Keep reading