FICO Score

The Rule of 22

If you have ever read any of my books or any other articles I have written you undoubtedly have heard me talk before about the importance of how you manage your credit card debt in the eyes of your FICO score.  Some of the concepts and principles I teach I understand can be a bit …Keep reading

Is it time for change?

In the past few months many people are publicly taking the stance that the FICO scoring system needs to be changed. The claim is that adjustments need to be made to the existing formula to better reflect the current economic landscape. Most of these people think the system is outdated and should be changed to …Keep reading

It will surprise you!

One of the most common questions that I receive has to do with what would be the best thing to payoff to improve someone’s FICO score. Judging by the frequency of the question and the overall surprise of the answer I thought it would be a good “FICO Score pop quiz” question, so here you …Keep reading