Are You A Candidate for CMS?

When it comes to credit repair, many people feel that they’ve “got things under control.” And for some people that is truly the case. But you might be surprised at all the different things that can have a negative impact on your credit. So the question is, are you a good candidate for CMS? Quite possibly. Take a look at some of things below which can impact your credit in a very real way. Then, if you have any questions or just looking for some clear, simple truthful advise and information, contact us the our quick and easy online form. We would love to help!

Low Credit

Low Credit Score

Do you have a low credit score?

Did you know that if your FICO score is less than a 720 you are most likely not receiving the best deals available to you in many industries?

Negative Credit

Negative Credit Items

Do you have negative items on your credit report?

Most negative items CAN legally stay on your credit report for 7 years regardless if they are paid or not.  Some negative items can actually stay longer than that if just left alone.

Identity Theft Credit

Identity Theft

Has your identity been stolen?

The ramifications of Identity theft can not only cost you thousands of dollars but one of the other areas that it will greatly affect you is the damage it will cause to your credit report and credit score.

Divorce Credit


Do you have a divorce decree?

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have is that if their divorce decree says something is not their responsibility any longer then their credit won’t be negatively affected if a payment is missed.  In reality a divorce court doesn’t have the ability to change the original agreement made between you and the creditor.

Home Mortgage Credit

Home Mortgage

Are you trying to get a home mortgage?

Not only is your FICO vital to getting approved, it also has a great amount to do with how much your mortgage will cost you. Qualifying is not good enough, getting the best rate is the goal!